• AMIE P.A.N Profile


    Expertise Areas:

    Permanent Makeup, Areola Reconstruction, Scar Camouflage, Scalp Micro-pigmentation & Skincare

    Specialized Training Credentials:
    ⁃ Master Esthetician & Permanent Makeup State Board Instructor

    ⁃ World-renowned PMU eyebrow expert, certified/licensed PMU expert in the art of ombré microshading and microblading of eyebrows, areola re-pigmentation, and scalp micro-pigmentation

    ⁃ Permanent Cosmetics Tattoo License in the state of Virginia

    ⁃ Certified Blood-borne Pathogens, CPR & First Aid and practices Universal Precautions by the Center for Disease Control and OSHA.

    Industry Experience and Business Values:

    ⁃ Amie P.A.N has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and beauty industry.

    ⁃ Amie P.A.N offers top-of-the-line PMU services with customer-centric approach

    ⁃ Amie constantly collaborates across the industry and acquires hands-on experience with various well-known PMU artists all over the world

    ⁃ Amie truly understands clients’ needs and consistently astonishes her clients with her artwork. She has a keen eye for precision and details and delivers the best work when it comes to serving her clients and makes sure that they leave the Aesthetic Health happily with a new and satisfactory look.

    ⁃ Amie is calm and composed assuring that each client is at ease during any procedure. She has served thousands of satisfied clients and instructed many students.

    Operational Principles and Personal Values:

    ⁃ Amie’s motto for success in any businesses is always to ‘work hard and stay humble’

    ⁃ Our business values, customer-centric principles, and honesty are the DNA and solid foundation of Aesthetic Health.

    ⁃ We define success in terms of our personable approach, self -confidence, honesty, emotional intelligence, and hard work rather than just numeric metrics such as our revenue, sales growth, or the number of followers on our social media channels

    ⁃ How we take care of ourselves, others, and how we improve our clients’ well-being and self-esteem with our talents and services are the most important to us.

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