Longer term aftercare for your permanent eyebrows

Longer term aftercare for your permanent eyebrows

You've invested decent money in these stunning new eyebrows, so you'll want to get the best value from your investment of course. Helping your eyebrow tattoos remain clean and beautifully colored ensures that you will still have to take care of them in the long run, although this treatment is still very minimal. We recommend:

• Always use sunscreen, your semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos can fade as sunlight. 

• Do not use anti-aging creams in the area, as these can affect your tattoos 

• Avoid certain skin treatments in the area, such as chemical peels, facial scrubs, laser rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and others 

• Tell your technician about your permanent eyebrow tattoo, if you schedule a skin treatment. 

• Tell your doctor about your semi-permanent eyebrows if you need an MRI scan or other medical procedure

At first, all these permanent aftercare makeup instructions can seem a little overwhelming, most of them are simply common sense. Your practitioner is always there for support, whether it's been a month or a year since you've been on medication. 

There's no guarantee how long semi-permanent brows can last, but with a little care and attention, you 're going to make sure you get a great result as long as you can.

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