Office Requirement

  • Please do not bring extra people or pets to your appointment. Only service animals are permitted in the clinic.
  • No children are permitted in the salon studio unless being serviced.
  • Please consider having your meal before your appointment. Personal snacks are allowed.
  • Please read pre/post care 24 hours before your appointment.
  • It is important that you arrive to your appointment without make up on.
  • Due to Covid-19, it's a requirement to wear a face mask during your procedure.

Deposit Policy

  • All services require a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will go towards your total fee that is due the same day of your appointment.

Arriving late, Cancelation, or Rescheduling

  • Rescheduling or canceling an appointment must be done at least 48 business hours in advance, for all appointments, including the complimentary touch-ups. (No exceptions.) Failure to do so will be considered a cancelation which requires a $100 cancelation fee as well as another $100 deposit if you wish to reschedule a new appointment date.
  • If you arrive 15 minutes late or more without notice, your appointment time will be cancelled. Cancellations will result in the loss of the deposit.

No Show Policy

A “No-Show” is someone who misses a scheduled appointment without cancelling or rescheduling within 72 business hours in advance. A “No-Show” leads to the loss of the deposit.

Image Capture and Usage Policy

At Aesthetics Health, we maintain a comprehensive record of client services by capturing images of treatments for internal tracking purposes. Rest assured, your privacy is our priority, and all personal information remains strictly confidential.

PMU Procedure Process (2 Visits)

During the consultation, available techniques of permanent cosmetics application were visually shown and explained along with the details of their possibility results. Information, especially, the expectation of the healing process and the results of each technique was clarified. From all the information discussed in the consultation, technician would have recommended the client to choose the technique, color and shape for their decision.

First visit: A consultation session is held with a technician who will go over the details and explain anything that is unclear. Depending on what service is chosen, the next steps may vary but in general, mapping and outlining is done followed by selection of the desired shape and color. After that, permanent cosmetics are applied on the client’s eyebrows/lips/eyeliner. When the procedure is done, the client will be given an aftercare package with instructions on how to take care of the pigmented area. During the healing process, it is expected that the pigmented area darkens, forms scabs, and then peels off to reveal a soft and natural color that is desired. That’s why by principle, we deliberately leave room to make adjustments on your second visit.

Second visit: This is known as your touch up visit and it happens 30 to 60 days after your first visit. During this second visit, the client may request adjustments in regards to shape or color due to the healing process or change in preference. Please note that any adjustment made from changes in preference may not be completely fulfilled due to the nature of permanent makeup or may require extra charges if it requires extra steps, techniques, materials, or attention.


A $106 deposit fee for your initial consultation is required. This deposit is non-refundable but will count towards your chosen procedure. After your procedure is done, payment can be made in credit or cash. If you wish to pay using credit, please note that there is a transaction fee. Aesthetics Health prides itself in offering the best experience and quality of work so tips are also always appreciated as well. All deposits and agreed payments are non refundable for any reason.

Returning Products

*Opened Items are not returnable
Unopened Items will be charge the fee of 50% restocking and shipping