Permanent makeup aftercare

Permanent makeup aftercare

You'll want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible when you've invested in flawless permanent eyebrows. Most treatments last from one year to three before a touch-up appointment is needed and a lot of variables come into play to decide how long they last.

The durability of your cosmetic tattoo can all be affected by things like the type of ink used, the intensity of your pigment, the type of procedure you have chosen and your dedication to aftercare. All of this is beyond your control, but one thing that is most surely within your area of influence is that you are committed to providing aftercare.

Here, we’ll take a look at the best ways to care for your permanent eyebrows to give them the best chance of a long lifespan.

Immediately after your treatment you may experience:

  • Tingling                     
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Flaking
  • Itchiness

The reasons for this are that the healing process already begins in your skin. These symptoms can last up to 72 hours and can be quickly remedied. Throughout these first few days, avoid the temptation of scratching your eyebrows or applying some kind of cream or ointment other than that that your practitioner has given you.

The first seven days

The first week after your procedure with cosmetic tattoo is important in ensuring successful healing and best result. Your technician has done whatever they can to give you perfect permanent eyebrows; now it is up to you to complete the job. During the first seven days, we recommend:

  • Use the ointment as instructed: This should be applied gently, as advised, two to three times a day, using clean hands and a clean cotton bud for each use. We also suggest dry healing for some eyebrow tattoo procedures, for limited to no use of any ointment at all
  • Avoid the temptation of scratching your face: some itching is normal; it is a sign that your skin is beginning to heal. Do not pick or damage the area being handled as this may result in scarring, inflammation, and poor colour. Your tattoo on your eyebrow may flake a little; it's also perfectly normal and should be left to heal naturally.
  • Avoid makeup and products: You should not add anything other than the supplied healing ointment in the area where you have had your eyebrow tattooing done. Any moisturizers, cosmetics, oils, or lotions in your skin can cause infection or a reaction that will be detrimental to your end result.
  • Do not wash your face: it might sound very unpleasant but having water in the treated area may cause semi-permanent tattoo problems. Instead of splashing water all over your face, use a cleanser to clean the tattoo itself everywhere, but. If you get your eyebrow tattoo wet, with a clean cloth, pat it gently dry.

  • Pin your fringe back: If you always have hair on your face or fringe, make sure you clip it back at least for the first week. Hair that reaches your tattooed eyebrows can cause infection that affects the color pigments.
  • Avoid sun and sunbeds: Large sunglasses or a brimmed hat can offer great protection for your eyebrow tattoos from the sun. Don’t go on sunbeds or take part in any activity that could cause excessive sweating such as sports or saunas.

At this early stage taking care of your tattoo can mean the difference between a perfect, long-lasting cosmetic tattoo or a disappointing result. Note, the color is probably darker now than the final product, so don't assume the color is wrong; give it time and it softens to the ideal shade you've desired.

The first few weeks

By the time two weeks are finished, most eyebrow tattoos would have healed well. You should take precautions during these two weeks to avoid sunbeds, sunshine, swimming pools, saltwater and direct shower spray. You don't have to be so careful to wash your face as long as the water is cold, and you can finally get your fringe down without worrying about infection.

Your doctor should have provided you a follow-up appointment after your initial treatment, for four to eight weeks. Now that things have settled down, this is a perfect opportunity to examine color and form. Your semi-permanent makeup practitioner will go over your brows, re-apply more pigment and fix any patchiness or irregular form issues.

When you've done your first makeup tattoo, you can take good care of your eyebrows for the first seven days after touchup. Even after that, stop rubbing or scratching your eyebrows for several weeks, as this can cause premature removal of the ink and cause your tattoo to fade too easily.

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