Should You Try Shading/Ombré Your Eyebrows?

Should You Try Shading/Ombré Your Eyebrows?

Should You Try Shading/Ombré Your Eyebrows?

What is shading?

Shading, also known as “Ombre Powder” or the “Shadow Effect”, is a semi-permanent solution to your ideal eyebrows. This technique is used to achieve an evidently more realistic and fuller eyebrow look that you desire without having to draw them on with makeup. This method uses repetitive dots of pigment to create and improve a more natural shape of the eyebrows.

How is it done?

The procedure is done in two sessions. The first session is where the client chooses the color preference for their eyebrow 22102 as well as any adjustments on the eyebrow shape and thickness. Then the technician would map the eyebrows and use a manual tool that administers minuscule dots in a gradient pattern creating a semi-permanent powered effect to the client’s preference. The second session takes place four weeks after the first session and this is when the touch-ups are made to see if the brows need any adjustment and if the color is even as it is healing from the first session. During the procedure, a shading eyebrows hand tool or machine is used to create a powder look that can be similar to airbrushing or spraying. The makeup technician will use the chosen pigments and shade from dark to light. To create depth in the eyebrows, the technician will dust the pigment concentrating from the tail with a darker shade and slowly transition to a lighter shade as it moves to the front of the eyebrows. By making the top outer rim of the eyebrows lighter and smoother, this also defines the bottom arch as well. The results of the soft translucent powder under the brow hair create the effect of a fuller brow. Once shading is complete, the color of the eyebrows will seem a lot darker but will fade to the chosen color pigment after the healing process of one to two weeks. When the scabs are finally healed, the pigmented eyebrows are ready for the necessary touch-up. With a quick healing process, the results will show a beautiful pair of soft powdered eyebrows.

Why should you choose shading?

Naturally, all candidates are suitable for shading. Shading eyebrows caters to all skin types no matter how sensitive the skin may be.


● It lasts about two to three years and may fade over time due to sunlight.

● Thick eyebrows that are waterproof and nothing short of natural beauty that will give you a more confident and radiant feel every day.

● Makeup time will be shortened due to the client never having to worry about drawing on eyebrows on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

● Does it hurt?

→ Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but with topical numbing cream or anesthetics cream applied during the treatment, what the client feels is the only discomfort that is not considered pain. Some may feel the vibration and scratching and some may feel nothing at all.

● Is there any chance I can get an infection?

→ If you follow the correct instructions and care given by the technician for the aftercare procedure, there should be absolutely no infection. An antibiotic ointment or Vaseline will be given in this package for the treated area to ensure that no infection will arise. Shading is less invasive than most procedures and the technician will always keep sanitization and safety their main priority.

A lot of businesses including Aesthetics Health offer free consultations so that you can understand the procedure and figure out the perfect eyebrows for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s Look Great Feel Great!


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