The Risks of Permanent Makeup

The Risks of Permanent Makeup

Well applied permanent makeup shouldn't look any different than traditional makeup, because a good technician would be working hard to create something that looks natural and stylish. We have seen some cases firsthand, however, where things went terribly wrong. Here are only a few examples:

Wrong pigment used

It might be terrible to insert the wrong pigment. You're left with two great big black caterpillars on your forehead, instead of your delicate light brown semi-permanent eyebrows. Not a flawless look.

Poor styling

Any permanent makeup tattoo should be customized to the needs of the patient, but some technicians work with stencils or other traditional designs, applying the same thing over and over regardless of their face shape or best outcome.

Allergic reactions

If you are sensitive to a given product, you have to stop using that product. Unfortunately, it is inserted into your skin with tattoo ink, so any burning, redness or swelling it induces will remain with you for some time. Technicians should use non-allergenic inks to be healthy and should perform a sensitivity check test before treatment starts.


If all the tools, inks, and environment are kept in the salon unclean, there is a possibility of infection. Infections may cause the pigment to bleed into undesirable areas of the skin, spoiling the look to threaten the client.


Allergic reactions, infections and poor aftercare can all cause tattooed area scarring. This may damage the permanent makeup effect and could make it impossible to tattoo it again in the future.

Early fading

Depending on the type of treatment applied, the inks will preserve their pigment for one to three years when properly maintained. If the semi-permanent makeup isn't look well after, that being said, a risk of fading could happen too early. Using sunscreen, humidifying and avoiding area exfoliation can all help. If you end up with a permanent disaster of makeup, there are still options of tattoo removal. This will cost much more than getting the tattoo done in the first place, also there are a lot more chances of infection, scarring and other problems. First of all, it is much easier to get it right than trying to fix it when it's already gone wrong. 

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