Things to remember about permanent lip pigmentation

Things to remember about permanent lip pigmentation

Lip tattoos can be a great investment, one that will reward you with perfect, natural looking lips every day. However, it is important to understand a few things about lip pigmentation, particularly when choosing your shade of colour.

It’s an enhancement

Lip tattoos are designed to enhance your natural lips and make you more beautiful. Using advanced 3D make-up techniques, we will help your .lips look fuller, using edge coloring and a lighter middle color. But a lip tattoo won't really plump your lips up so don't expect a whole new look

You can still use lipstick

Your new lip tattoo has been designed to act as a beautiful foundation, but that doesn't mean you should throw out your lipsticks. During the healing process you can never use lipstick, but once it is fully healed you can use lipsticks, glosses, and balms as normal. You can need to experiment to see how your colors look over your new base colour, but with a lipstick over the top, you can still build your own look.

The colour will fade

Because our permanent make-up and traditional tattoo process are not the same, we use skin-safe pigmentation, there is some degree of fading to expect. Colors that are very similar to your natural color may need to touch up once a year, but if you go two or three shades away from your natural color, you do not need to touch up for a few years or longer.

You can pick more than one colour

Most permanent makeup practitioners will use shading techniques to give a more natural look to your lips. They can start as a lip liner with a darker shade, fading it inward in circular motions to offer a real, attractive look. This can be supported by adding a second color for the infill, perfectly blending it for a plump, good, and natural finish.

The end result will depend on your skin tone

The final result will not only vary depending on the base color of your natural lips but also on how your skin tone responds to the pigmentation process. A disorder known as hyperpigmentation has been encountered by certain people with extremely dark skin while attempting to add permanent lip tattoos. In this case, even if they chose a lighter color, their lips might potentially end up darker than they started, so it's important to consult your practitioner thoroughly before making any decisions.

It is necessary to get into this with your eyes wide open, like any permanent make-up treatment. Side effects and complications are uncommon, so you should explain any health problems or other questions regarding the procedure with your practitioner.

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