About Our Waxing Class


Theory - Lecture - Demos

The Wax Technician program is designed to train the student in the basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, business development, retail training, and desirable attitudes necessary to obtain licensure and for competency in job entry level positions as a wax technician or a related career field. Virginia requires a Waxing license to practice Waxing. The state requirement is what our program emphasizes on, in order to allow students to prepare for the exam and learn the basic techniques and requirements of becoming a successful artist.


This 115-hours course costs is $3,490 Special Promotion (was 4,990)

(this is not includes your kit and other materials needed for class)

Waxing Kit $250

  • We have on going schedule class

    Monday - Saturday

    7 Weeks programing to complete course

    To reserve your spot, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit. Complete full payment before class starts is required. See link below for enrollment.

    We do not offer or accept financial aid, but we do have a payment plan.



1. Orientation:

a. School policies

b. State law, regulation and professional ethics

c. Personal hygiene.

2. Skin care and treatment:

a. Analysis

b. Anatomy and physiology

c. Diseases and disorders of the skin

d. Health, sterilization, sanitation, bacteriology, and safety including
infectious disease control measure

e. Procedures

f. Temporary removal of hair

3. Skin theory, skin structure and composition

4. Client consultation:

a. Health conditions

b. Skin analysis

c. Treatments

d. Client expectations

e. Health forms and questions. Board for Cosmetology Was Technician

5. Waxing:

(Brow, lip, facial, legs, arms, underarm, chest, back and bikini areas) :

a. Fundamentals

b. Safety rules

c. Procedures

6. Wax treatments:

a. Analysis

b. Disorders and diseases

c. Manipulations

d. Treatments

7. Salon management:

a. Business ethics

b. Care of equipment