Eyebrows / Eyeliners Touch Up


Service Description

Amie has established a secure method for removing, restoring, fixing and redoing most damaged brows, as well as other past permanent makeup procedures that have been done in a traditional method (previous Microblading procedures or the technician 's basic lack of skill).

How Long Should You Come Back For Touch Up?

Permanent makeup will last anywhere from 1-3 years - depending on certain factors like skin type, age, and ethnicity. In addition, certain other variables like aftercare can seriously affect the staying power of the pigment in the skin. We recommend that clients come back yearly for a color boost to freshen it up and define the shape. This helps to keep it looking good as new.

Permanent makeup is a certain form of art that has a tendency of little changes within some time. In order to keep your permanent makeup of lips, eyebrows or eyeliner fresh it is highly recommended to perform touch up.

(Price is not included touchup $150) We repair all eyebrows are done from other salons _ Any eyebrows that is Not 1st Time Done at our Salon will be considered as REPAIR EYEBROWS

AFTER 1-2 MONTHS (1-2HRS) - $150

AFTER 3-4 MONTHS (1-2HRS) - $250

AFTER 5-6 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $350

AFTER 7-8 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $450

AFTER 9-11 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $550

12 MONTHS UP (2-3HRS) - $650


Aftercare Instruction