PMU Touch Up

A better way to enhance your beauty

  • Eyebrows / Eyeliners Touch Up

    Permanent makeup is a certain form of art that has a tendency to change over time. In order to maintain and keep fresh from the procedure done on your lips, eyebrows, or eyeliner, it is highly recommended to touch up.

How Long Should You Come Back For Touch Up?

Permanent makeup can last anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on certain factors such as skin type, age, and ethnicity. In addition, other variables like aftercare can seriously affect how long the pigment will last in the skin. We recommend that clients come back yearly for a color boost to freshen up and define the shape. This helps to keep the results looking good as new.

Touchup Price for Powder Shading Brows and Eyeliners

AFTER 1-2 MONTHS (1-2HRS) - $150

AFTER 3-4 MONTHS (1-2HRS) - $250

AFTER 5-6 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $350

AFTER 7-8 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $450

AFTER 9-11 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $550

12 MONTHS UP (2-3HRS) - $650

Touchup Price for Feather Stroke and Men Brows

AFTER 1-2 MONTHS (1-2HRS) - $250

AFTER 3-4 MONTHS (1-2HRS) - $500

AFTER 5-6 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $750

AFTER 7-8 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $1000

AFTER 9-11 MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $1250

AFTER 12+ MONTHS (2-3HRS) - $1350

Touchup Price for Lips

Price is $899 per visit

(You may need more than one visit to achieve the color you want)